Stuart Reid

Stuart Reid, "zones of immersion," 2015. Photo: Toni Hafkenscheid.

The TTC subway at Union Station, Toronto's main public transportation hub, is acquiring an extraordinary, world-class art installation, which is presently being installed and will be unveiled in time for the Pan Am Games. Created by award-winning Canadian artist Stuart Reid, zones of immersion is a 7-foot high by 500-foot long richly worked glass wall that portrays the people who "ride the rocket" every day.

The large drawings in this exhibition are based upon small sketches drawn while riding the subway. These works (india ink on mylar) informed and developed the glass project.

    life over lifestyle
    life over lifestyle
    india ink and graphite on mylar, 42" × 84"
    Close Range, 2017
    mixed media on paper, 34½" × 22½"
    staring back
    staring back
    india ink and graphite on mylar, 42" × 84"
    tiny nap / big man
    tiny nap / big man
    india ink and graphite on mylar, 42" × 84"
    Right to Be Alive, 2005
    graphite on mylar, 84" × 42" (x2)
    Idle Summer Idyll, 2018
    soft pastel on paper, 23½" × 23½"
    india ink and graphite on mylar, 42" × 84"
    Shoppers, 2014
    india ink & graphite on mylar, 22½" × 29½"
    india ink and graphite on mylar, 42" × 84"
    Our Coupling, 2015
    graphite on mylar, 93" × 42" (x2)
    Quick Change
    Quick Change, 2016
    acrylic on board, 36" × 42"
    Self Portrait, 2013
    graphite on paper, 16" × 11"
    The Blind Don Juan, 2015
    graphite on mylar, 84" × 42"
    Edge Open Passage, 2005
    graphite on mylar, 84" × 42" (x3)
    reading music
    reading music
    india ink and graphite on mylar, 42" × 84"


    Gallery Gevik Exhibitions

    Stuart Reid
    April 2nd to April 30th, 2016

    'in transit' – Artist's Statement

    These are drawings of people riding or waiting for the subway, which were part of a larger project for a 500' long glass mural "zones of immersion" for Toronto's TTC Union Station.

    In the 'drawing in and drawing out' that this work engages there is a push and pull between control and accident - the subconscious and the conscious. That, for me, is the origin of drawing - a line that goes from eye to mind to hand to page.

    As these drawings evolved, from quick recorded glimpses to full scaled works of art, the physical aspects of the transit experience - noticed in long or short rides within the city, became a found gestalt to work with ... the sounds, the vibrations, the changing rhythms or speeds, the patterns of darkness and light.

    These works specifically reflect on the human condition within urban transit - a world both intensely collective and remarkably isolated... a world where the anonymity of the no man's zone offers us an unvarnished glimpse into the face, and hence perhaps a sliver of the psyche of one's fellow passengers. I am interested in drawing that reveals the interrelationship of the 'self' and the 'other' with both empathy and freedom.

    — Stuart M. Reid, March 2015

    Stuart Reid – Artist Biography

    Stuart Reid was born in London, Ontario. He studied with Paterson Ewen, Greg Curnoe, Richard DeMarco, Patrick Reyntiens and Joseph Beuys. He holds a B.A. (Fine Arts) from the University of Guelph and a Masters of Architecture from UCLA. He is a professor at OCAD University.

    His major public artworks include works for Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital, Intercontinental Toronto Centre, and the Salzburg Congress. His artwork at St. James' Cathedral was unveiled by Queen Elizabeth in July 1997. He is the great nephew of the early Canadian painter G.A. Reid.


    "Public Art Has to Be Art First and Public Second: A Conversation with Stuart Reid on Union Station" – By Sky Goodden, MOMUS Features (October 27, 2015)
    "Stuart Reid: In transit"
    – OCAD University website
    "Stuart Reid: Zones of Immersion" – By Mark Mann, Neues Glas (No. 1, 2016 pg. 36 - 41)

Major Acquisitions of Work by Public Institutions

2015 UNION STATION, Toronto, Ontario
“zones of immersion” winner international competition
   subway platform wall: 7' × 500' × 3' — translucent glass mural
2006 BLOORVIEW KIDS REHAB, Toronto, Ontario
“to walk these halls”
   4 stories breezeway louvres @ 4' × 50' × 1' — silver stained & laminated glass
“to make this voyage”
   exterior entry canopy: 8.5' × 30' — silver stained & laminated glass
2001 SALZBURG CONGRESS, Salzburg, Austria
“homage to Mozart” winner international competition
   3 storey enameled & fired curved glass 20' × 40'
1998 LIVING ARTS CENTRE, Mississauga, Ontario
“dance of Venus” winner international competition
   main foyer: 30' × 150' etched & enameled mouthblown glass
1991 CITY OF LONDON, London, Ontario
“people and the City” winner international competition (w/ D Balabanoff)
   civic monument: 13' × 33' × 7' — waterjet-cut bronze & limestone

Permanent Installations

2014 PETERS STUDIOS, Paderborn, Germany
   conference area artwork: 5' × 7' etched, enameled & laminated glass
“urban ribbon”
   reception desk art feature: 9' × 20' translucent enameled/fired float glass
“liquid veil”
   bar/restaurant art feature: 10' × 18' acid-etched mouthblown glass
1997 ST. JAMES CATHEDRAL, Toronto, Ontario
“The Calling of St. James”
   narthex: 11' × 24' stained glass window — dedicated by Queen Elizabeth II June 29,1997
1985 BYRON UNITED CHURCH, London, Ontario
“light shafts”
   sanctuary: 12 stained glass windows @ 2' × 12'

Selected Exhibitions

2015 GALLERY GEVIK, Toronto, Ontario
“in transit”
2007 CANADIAN CLAY & GLASS GALLERY, Waterloo, Ontario
“stumbling home from banff”
“torn curtain, tangled lines”
“exiting — a requiem”
2003 FUNDACIO JAUME II EL JUST, Monasterio De Santa Maria Valldigna, Spain
“El Arte de las Vidrieras”
2001 AUGSBURG CATHEDRAL, Augsburg, Germany
“the coloured light”
“six voix / six voices”

Note: sold indicates the piece has been sold.

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