Sylvia Lefkovitz (1924-1987)


bronze on marble base, 17" (H)
Nude Figure
Nude Figure, 1967
bronze, 16¼" × 5½" × 3½"
Medea #1
Medea #1, 1967
bronze, 17" × 5½" × 4¼"
Three Horses & Five People
Three Horses & Five People, 1967
bronze, 7" × 17" × 30" & reflector
Horse & Woman sold
Horse & Woman, 1967
bronze, 14¼" × 27" × 7"
Dancers #2sold
Dancers #2
bronze, 39 cm (15½")
Beggar and Woman
Beggar and Woman
bronze, 28½" (h)
The Chorus
The Chorus
bronze, 9½" (h)
Classic Figuresold
Classical Figure
bronze, 15½" (h)
bronze, 13 3/4"
Man and Girl
Man and Girl
bronze, 22 1/2"
Woman at Wall
Woman at Wall
bronze, 11 1/2"
Three Dancers
Three Dancers, 1982
bronze, 15" (h)
Four Dancers
Four Dancers, 1966
bronze, 10½" (h)
Travelers, 1979
bronze, 12"(h)
All the Animals Came
Dancer, 1965
bronze, 11"(h)
Maquette for Fountain
Maquette for Fountain, 1966
bronze, 10"(h)
Dancer Female Study
Dancer Female Study, 1985
bronze, 12" (h)
Woman, 1981
bronze, 16½" (h)
Mother and Children
Mother and Children
bronze on marble base, 7.75" x 12.75" x 4.5"
Seated Woman
Seated Woman, 1972
bronze, 10" (h)
Three Figures and Horse
Three Figures and Horse
bronze, 24" x 10.5" x 15"
Woman in Wind #3
Three Horses and Five People
bronze, 30.5" x 18" x 8"
silver, 37cm
Figure with Helmet
Figure with Helmet
silver, 25½cm
Europa and the Bullsold
Europa and the Bull
silver, 26½cm
The Greek Woman
The Greek Woman, 1965
silver, 15cm
The Flood
The Flood, (bas relief panel 1/8)
bronze, 58½
Babel, (bas relief panel 2/8)
bronze, 58½
Marriage of Jacob and Leah
Marriage of Jacob and Leah, (bas relief panel 3/8)
bronze, 58½
Joseph's Dream
Joseph's Dream, (bas relief panel 4/8)
bronze, 58½
Coming to the River Jordan
Coming to the River Jordan, bas relief panel 5/8)
bronze, 58½
Exodus, (bas relief panel 6/8)
bronze, 58½
Samson Breaking His Binding Ropes
Samson Breaking His Binding Ropes, (bas relief panel 7/8)
bronze, 58½
Ruth in the Fields of Joab
Ruth in the Fields of Joab, (bas relief panel 8/8)
bronze, 58½


Beach Scene with Umbrella
Beach Scene with Umbrella, 1972
oil on canvas, 12" × 24"
Seashore, 1980
oil on canvas, 12" × 24"
St. Lawrence River
St. Lawrence River, 1983
oil on canvas, 18" × 35"
Landscape #2
Landscape #2, 1974
oil on canvas, 8" × 16"
Winterscene #1
Winterscene #1
oil on canvas, 8" × 16"
Landscape #13
Landscape #13, 1976
oil on canvas, 18" × 24"
Landscape #14
Landscape #14, 1974
oil on canvas, 18" × 24"
Road to the Sea
Road to the Sea, 1973
oil on canvas, 24" × 32"
Seascape 2 Views
Seascape 2 Views, 1980
oil on canvas, 8" × 16"
Seascape #3
Seascape #3, 1979
oil on canvas, 8" × 16"
Seascape 3 Figures
Seascape 3 Figures, 1979
oil on canvas, 12" × 24"
Seascape #24
Seascape #24, 1979
oil on canvas, 12" × 24"
Seascape #26
Seascape #26, 1980
oil on canvas, 12" × 24"
Seascape #31
Seascape #31, 1978
oil on canvas, 8" × 16"
Seascape Mother and Child
Seascape Mother and Child, 1979
oil on canvas, 12" × 24"
St. Lawrence River
St. Lawrence River, 1983
oil on canvas, 24" × 31"
Blizzard - Montreal
Blizzard - Montreal, 1982
oil on canvas, 18" × 31"
Encounter on a Beach
Encounter on a Beach, 1980
oil on canvas, 20" × 28"
La Donna de Perusia
La Donna de Perusia, 1985
oil on canvas, 24" × 36"
Street Scene After Snowfall
Street Scene After Snowfall, 1981
oil on canvas, 18" × 24"
Variations XXV
Variations XXV, 1980
oil on canvas, 20" × 28"
Nude Study #9
Nude Study #9, 1982
oil on canvas, 18" × 35"
Nude Study #12
Nude Study #12, 1982
oil on canvas, 24" × 35"
Untitled (Black Figures)
Untitled (Black Figures), 1972
oil on canvas, 18" × 24"
Variations with Trees
Variations with Trees, 1982
oil on canvas, 18" × 24"
Variations X
Variations X, 1983
oil on canvas, 18" × 24"
Variations XXI
Variations XXI, 1979
oil on canvas, 20" × 28"


Sylvia Lefkovitz (1924-1987) – Artist Biography

Known for her murals, graphics, oils, drawings, lithos and sculpture rendered in bronze, silver and marble, the work of Sylvia Lefkovitz has been exhibited throughout the world, and is found in private collections across Europe and North America. Born in Montreal in 1924, Lefkovitz began her art studies in that city, continuing in New York, Paris, Mexico, Spain and Italy.

A stint in Mexico in 1958 profoundly influenced her and on her return to Canada a year later, she completed a series of historical murals on the Life of Louis Riel, now on permanent exhibition in North Battleford, Saskatchewan. An additional series on The Acadians hangs at Ste-Anne's University in Nova Scotia.

Lefkovitz moved to Italy in 1960 where she made her home for twenty years. She won Florence 's Porcellino Award as Best Resident Foreign Artist. Shortly afterwards, a solo exhibit of her work was held in Milan. The exhibition won critical acclaim, and she was lauded for her interpretation of the Italian Renaissance tradition in both her painting and sculpture. She went on to win many awards and commissions in both Europe and North America, and returned to Montreal in 1981. She died there in 1987.

Major works include the eighty-figure Divine Comedy, produced in 1963 through the “lost wax” process, as well as the Fathers of Confederation, a series of ninety separate bronze pieces commemorating the 1967 Canadian Centennial. Additional castings of that work were presented to each provincial parliament by the Federal Government. The massive five-figure bronze Chorus was a Montreal landmark for years, standing above the entrance to the Mies van der Rohe Westmount SquareComplex. Eight bronze panels in bas relief (inspired by Ghiberti's Bronze Doors on the Baptistery in Florence ) recount several stories from the Old Testament.

Sylvia Lefkovitz's life and work in both Italy and Canada were profiled in the National Film Board of Canada's documentary In Search of Medea .

Gallery Gevik Exhibitions

Sylvia Lefkovitz (1924-1987) Dancers, Travelers and Other Stories
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She established the first native-run fine art print house in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1971. Known as 'Odjig Indian Prints,' this print house was so successful that it evolved into an Indigenous gallery space in 1974, called the New Warehouse Gallery, run by Odjig and her husband, Chester Beavon. She was also a founding member of the Indian Group of Seven. This artistic group's purpose was to promote Contemporary Indigenous art and artists.

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