Alex Janvier

Eagle Insect
Eagle Insect, 1975
silkscreen, ed. 33/49 39" × 41½"
Pun Emu
Pun Emu, 1994
acrylic on linen, 48" × 36"
Heartbeat #1sold
Heartbeat #1, 2012
oil on canvas, 36" × 24"
Apple Warshirt - Legend of Legends
Apple Warshirt - Legend of Legends, 1989
acrylic on canvas, 36" × 30"
Space Pre Hubble
Space Pre Hubble, 2001
acrylic on canvas, 72" × 48"
Space Timer
Space Timer, 2001
acrylic on canvas, 72" × 48"
Wild Man
Wild Man, 2001
acrylic on canvas, 24" × 20"
Acoma Flyway
Denesuline Lifeline, 2012
oil on canvas, 30" × 24"
Green Passage
Green Passage, 2004
oil on canvas, 12" × 16"
Jet Trace
Bush Boy, 2012
oil on canvas, 36" × 24"
Land Pre Contact
Land Pre Contact 2001
acrylic on canvas, 24" × 20"
Sleep by Day Bird
Sleep by Day Bird, 2007
acrylic on canvas, 24" × 20"
North Watershed
North Watershed, 2004
oil on canvas, 40" × 40"
Three Way Fireworkssold
Three Way Fireworks, 1973
acrylic on canvas, 18" × 24"
The Doctorate Connectors
The Doctorate Connectors, 2008
acrylic on linen, 48" × 36"
Space Blue Smash
Space Blue Smash, 2001
acrylic on canvas, 72" × 48"
Texas Longhorn
Texas Longhorn, 2001
acrylic on canvas, 36" × 36"
Untitled - Apple Series
Untitled - Apple Series, 1989
acrylic on canvas, 48" × 36"
World Together Drum Song
World Together Drum Song, 2006
watercolour on paper, 22" circle
Letting Go
Letting Go, 2006
watercolour on paper, 22" circle
Fontaine from La Loche
Fontaine from La Loche, 2007
watercolour on paper, 23" × 30"
U.S.A Visitors
U.S.A Visitors, 2012
watercolour on paper, 30" × 23"
Eleven Lodges
Eleven Lodges, 2010
watercolour on paper, 30" × 23"


Alex Janvier – Artist Biography

Born Alexandre Simeon to one of the last hereditary chiefs on the Le Goff Reserve, the young Janvier was raised traditionally, and spoke the Dene language. Unlike many aboriginal artists of the era, he received formal training at what is now Calgary's Alberta College of Art, and then instructed for the University of Alberta Extension Department.

Janvier was appointed advisor for Expo '67's Indians of Canada Pavilion, and was a member of the Professional Native Indian Artists Incorporated, or the 'Indian Group of Seven.' Renowned for linear non-representational works which combine his knowledge of abstracted work in beads and quills with modernist Western sources, from 1961 to 1977 Janvier manifested his politicization by signing paintings with his treaty number. He represented Canada (with Betty Goodwin) in a Canadian / Chinese cultural exchange (1985), and created murals for the Canadian Museum of Civilization in Hull, Québec (1989).

— © First Nations Art: An Introduction to Contemporary Native Art in Canada

Selected Collections

  • McMichael Canadian Art Collection, Kleinberg, ON
  • Museum of Civilization, Gatineau, QC
  • Mendel Art Gallery, Saskatoon, SK
  • Montreal Museum of Fine Art, Montreal, QC
  • National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, ON
  • Glenbow Art Institute, Calgary, AB
  • Canada Council Art Bank, Ottawa, ON

Daphne OdjigDaphne Odjig, Canadian Indigenous Artist and Icon Dies at 97. Click here for more details.

Odjig is frequently referred to as the "Grandmother of Indigenous Art." She has been the recipient of many awards, honours and recognitions for her works, to name a few: The Order of Canada, the Governor General's Award, and eight Honorary Doctorates. Her works have been shown in the National Gallery of Canada, The McMichael Canadian Art Collection, the Canadian Museum of Civilization and the Art Gallery of Ontario.

She established the first native-run fine art print house in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1971. Known as 'Odjig Indian Prints,' this print house was so successful that it evolved into an Indigenous gallery space in 1974, called the New Warehouse Gallery, run by Odjig and her husband, Chester Beavon. She was also a founding member of the Indian Group of Seven. This artistic group's purpose was to promote Contemporary Indigenous art and artists.

Alex JanvierAlex Janvier's major retrospective, "Alex Janvier: Modern Indigenous Master" is now on display at the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa.

Alex Janvier is one of Canada's most acclaimed contemporary Indigenous artists. His career of sixty-five years has yielded thousands of paintings, and more than twenty-five murals and public commissions. This retrospective of his artwork is on display from 25 November 2016 to 17 April 2017.

(Photo credit: Kim Griffiths) Click here for more details.