Baker Lake
Inuit Prints

She Will Devour the Wolfman But the Head She Will Save, by Mary Kiakshout
She Will Devour the Wolfman But the Head She Will Save, 1971
by Mary Kiakshout
stencil, ed. 43, 32½" × 40½"
Aurora, by Myra Kukiiyuat
Aurora, 1973
by Myra Kukiiyuat
stencil, ed. 50, 30" × 35"
Challenging Wrestle, by Jesse Oonarksold
Challenging Wrestle, 1976
by Jessie Oonark
lithograph, ed. 50, 22" × 30"
Boy, by Marion Tuu'luuq
Boy, 1984
by Marion Tuu'luuq
stonecut, ed. 23/50, 11½" × 9"
A Kiviuq Adventure, by Victoria Mamnouqsualuk
A Kiviuq Adventure, 1987
by Victoria Mamnouqsualuk
stencil, ed. 19/40, 24" × 30"
Angakuq (Drum Dancer), by William Noah
Angakuq (Drum Dancer), 1993
by William Noah
silkscreen print, ed. 1/7, 20" × 18¼"
Dangerous Muskox, by Victoria Mamnouqsualuk
Dangerous Muskox, 1983
by Victoria Mamnouqsualuk
linocut and stonecut, ed. 5/50, 25" × 28.5"
The Boy and his Grandmother Trick the Mean People, by Veronica Mumnshulak
The Boy and His Grandmother Trick the Mean People, 1983
by Veronica Mumnshulak
stencil and stonecut, ed. 45/40, 25" × 37.25"
Crossing the River, by Janet Kigusuiq
Crossing the River, 1980
by Janet Kigusuiq
linocut and stonecut, ed. 21/41, 9.5" × 24.25"
Untitled, Artist Unknown
Untitled, 1973
Artist Unknown
lithograph, ed. 19/31, 25" × 19.25"
The Mysterious Land, by Karleesuk/Sksiegak
The Mysterious Land, 1971
stonecut, ed. 28/32, 24.75" x 39"
Outside and Inside the Tent, 1971
Outside and Inside the Tent, 1971
Janet Kigusiuq
stonecut and stencil, 28.5" x 25"


Baker Lake

Baker Lake (Qamani'tuaq – "where the river widens") is a hamlet in the Kivalliq Region, in Nunavut on mainland Canada. Located 320 km (200 mi) inland from Hudson Bay, it is near the nation's geographical centre, and is notable for being the Canadian Arctic's sole inland community. The hamlet is located at the mouth of the Thelon River on the shore of Baker Lake. The community was given its English name in 1761 from Captain William Christopher who named it after Sir William Baker 11th Governor of the Hudson's Bay Company.

Baker Lake is known for its Inuit art, such as wallhangings, basalt stone sculptures and stonecut prints. The community has been home to internationally exhibited artists such as Jessie Oonark, Simon Tookoome, Irene Avaalaaqiaq Tiktaalaaq, Toona Iquliq, Barnabus Arnasungaaq, Marion Tuu'luq, Matthew Aqigaaq, David Ikutaq and Luke Anguhadluq.