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Gallery Phillip

12 Hazelton Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M5R 2E2, Canada
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About the Gallery

Gallery Phillip, an art dealer in Toronto, Ontario, has exhibited Inuit and First Nations art for over thirty-five years. Owner Phillip Gevik has made numerous excursions to the Canadian Arctic to meet with artists and has an in-depth knowledge of Inuit lifestyle and lore.

The art gallery features an extensive collection of sculpture, graphics and drawings in a variety of styles and subjects.

Gallery Phillip was one of the first commercial art galleries to exhibit Woodland Indian Art including the work of Daphne Odjig, Jackson Beardy, Carl Ray, and the Kakegamic family.

The gallery presents prints from Cape Dorset, Baker Lake, Pangnirtung, Povungnituk, Holman Island, and Arctic Quebec and shares an equal passion for original Inuit drawings, organizing the first commercial exhibitions of works by William Noah of Baker Lake and Shuvinai Ashoona.

Gallery Phillip has participated in international exhibits of Aboriginal art including Scottsdale, Arizona, and a survey of Woodland Indian Art at the Southwest Museum in Los Angeles for which we commissioned and donated the official poster featuring a painting by Daphne Odjig.

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Director's Statement

I was immediately taken with Canadian Aboriginal art because it was unlike anything I had ever seen; the realistic depictions of daily activities, wildlife and spirituality, including local legend and shamanistic transformations, are particularly powerful. After serving as manager and partner in a commercial gallery in Toronto, I opened Gallery Phillip in Don Mills in 1976, with an emphasis on Canadian Inuit and First Nations sculpture and graphics. Twenty years later I opened Gallery Gevik, devoted to contemporary and historical Canadian art, in Yorkville.

It is exciting to be a part of the evolution of contemporary Inuit art, which is now collected and exhibited around the world. A new generation of Inuit artists have adopted their artistic heritage in a way their parents and grandparents would never have imagined, diverging from an earlier more primitive sensibility as they become more aware of art history, and expressing their aesthetic, political, and social views in a range of styles and media.

As an art dealer, I am committed first and foremost to the promotion and fostering of exceptional Canadian talent. I am proud to exhibit work that avoids bowing to current commercial trends. It is a pleasure to share my passion for Canadian art with others; by helping people discover art that speaks to them, they nurture and hone their own passion. A collection should reflect a person's character and testify to their individuality.

— Phillip Gevik, Director